Premier Wood Flooring Ltd - Pricing List

Here are our pricing list below; 

    LVT                                                                  From £14.00 SQM

Engineered Floating                                       From £15.00 SQM

Engineered Fully Bonded                             From £20.00 SQM

Solid Wood                                                        From £25.00 SQM

Parquet Floor                                                 From £52.50 SQM

DPM and subfloor prep                              Price on Application

Sanding and Refinishing                             From £25.00 SQM

Sanding                                                          Price on Application

 (Advanced Works ie: Staining and/ or Colour change)

Door Trimming                                            £15 per door

Skirting (refit existing skirting)                 £5.00 SQM


All work is supplied with a 12 Month Guarantee

Products supplied are covered by Manufacturers Guarantee